Backyard Rythym Orchestra

Backyard Rythm Orchestra

A high energy party band from Geordie land we take our influence from an eclectic mix of world music traditions.

We mix up a little of almost everything into a festival dance band storm. With styles covering Reggae, Ska, Balkan, Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Rave, Funk, Blues, Disco and Jungle, this is fused with conscious political protest and a big sense of humour.

We have a sold out EP released last summer, a brand new single available now and an album coming soon, with more videos to be released in due course.
Check out our latest one HERE
The live performance of our band is what we are all about though. With great audience interaction, we guarantee to put a grin on the dullest of faces and move even the most static of feet.


'Correctly billed as a ‘genre-hopping party band’, The Backyard Rhythm Orchestra use a melting pot of instruments to create a myriad of musical styles, which all have their infectious bounciness - and top drawer musicianship - in common.' - Chronicle review of Lindisfarne festival 2015
'With furious horns, infectious dance rhythms, songs about Irn Bru and perhaps the most fabulous pair of trousers to grace the festival, their individual brand of gypsy punk was the perfect start to the day.' - Fortitude review of Boomtown 2014

Live Review: Backyard Rhythm Orchestra @ The Cluny

Mixing ska, jazz and just enough crazy into an epic set, Backyard Rhythm Orchestra brought their own brand of highly enjoyable funk chaos to The Cluny. Promising fans a performance spanning their entire back catalogue, the energetic 11-strong Geordie band didn’t miss a beat, tapping a seemingly endless well of energy to give those in attendance one hell of a show.

After personally welcoming people into the venue, the band somehow all packed onto the stage and despite having little room to manoeuvre, they still managed to throw some crazy shapes while playing and really made the most of the space. Promising sweaty backs, smiling faces and tingling synapses; from the first note played and throughout the night, they certainly delivered on this and then some.

Dressed appropriately for a St. Patricks Day gig, incorporating green-themed costumes spanning everything from Luigi (Super Mario) to feathered hats, their aesthetic was as crucial as the band’s sound which they themselves describe as “oh my… erm come see us and find out”. This is pretty bang on description as their music incorporates such a wide range of influences that they truly are a band that need to be seen live.

This raucous Cluny gig heralded the launch of their new single, ‘Funkus The Boogyman’, which shares a name with their dance-crazy, surreal mascot who is dressed up like a cross between a joke shop hippy and a mushroom. Starting onstage and making his way right around the crowd, the bizarre dancing ‘fun guy to be with’ was a perfect addition to an evening of wackiness It wasn’t just Funkus who was feeling the beat though, the packed venue was more than happy to dance along and throw stances at the request of the band.

Standout tunes included ‘One World Tribe’ (which, according to the frontman, is frequently miswritten in reviews as ‘One More Try’ so I’ve made an effort to get it correct) featuring peace and love vibes with a great hook and ‘Love Fish Soup’ from Under The Counter Culture which has layers middle eastern influences built into a catchy ska tune. The only word to accurately describe their wheelhouse is eclectic, the theme of their songs jumping seamlessly from politics to romance, while thankfully never seeming overwrought or preachy.

With so much going on at any one time, both in terms of their party-starting music and their magnetic presence, it’s an awesome achievement that Backyard Rhythm Orchestra are able to retain such a consistent level of quality in their performance. Able to effortlessly work a crowd of both super-fans and newcomers, it’s no wonder that the group have gained such a loyal following.

With the night broken into two generous sets, they managed to keep energy levels high and seemed to really enjoy the whole experience themselves. With a sound all of their own, a staunch refusal to take themselves seriously and an ability to cultivate a true party atmosphere; Backyard Rhythm Orchestra are a band that really have to be seen to be believed.

John Patterson - Gigs Northeast